I highly recommend Dr. Lam. My symptoms had been plaguing me for years. Dr. Lam literally changed my life. He was so thorough and compassionate. He found the root of the issue and after several months of treatment, my quality of life has improved significantly. I am so grateful for his care.

Cathy Balenovic, 11/2017

For several years I suffered in terrible pain, swelling, not being able to be in direct sun light, but most of all frustration because of the lack of assistance and empathy offered by the doctors I had visited. My wife and I came to Dr. Lam as my last hope. He showed us empathy and listened to me and my wife, he gave me hope that it would be okay. Dr. Lam worked and sought the treatment plan that would help me. Today, I am almost back to the person I once was thanks to Dr. Lam. I am grateful for him listening to me and giving me the means to have a better tomorrow. Dr. Lam and his staff are a true blessing and my health and lifer are better because of them.

Jason Rodriguez, 10/2017

Dr. Lam has been a great doctor. Very helpful and understanding. Takes his time to listen to what I have going on whether it is medical or personal. I’m glad he is my doctor. He also has a great staff working with him.

Jean, 9/2017

Dr. Lam is one of the most caring doctors I have ever experienced. He gives you his undivided attention to listen to your symptom(s), review your records and perform a thorough and comprehensive examination. In my case he did not give me a diagnosis until he prescribed additional testing. He did however give me advice and a preliminary plan by way of diet, to ease my symptom(s). I returned a few weeks after all my tests were completed and results were available, Dr. Lam adjusted some things and along with diet, course treatment for my condition and his guidance, my symptom(s) are going away. Even if you have to wait some time for your appointment, he is well worth the wait. My personal preference is a Doctor who will seek out natural alternatives to manage an illness. Along with Dr. Lam’s knowledge, natural ways of dealing with my systems, I have never felt better.

Lauren Neiwirth, 10/2017

Mi experiencia es muy agradecida por el cuidado que el Dr. Alex Lam me ha brindado, excelente profesional muy caritivo y compasivo al igual que todo su equipo, mi gratitud para él, excelente profesional.

Luisa Pridmore, 10/2017

I can’t say enough about Dr. Lam and his staff! I have never had a problem reaching the ladies in the office and always receive an answer in a timely manner. It was a complete answer to prayer when I found Dr. Lam! He never left my side during the scariest time of my life and that of my family. I wound up on life support in December 2016 as a result of Wegener’s Vasculitis settling in my lungs after the birth of my last baby. He came to the hospital to check on me and talk to my Mom every single day and called periodically. He has the utmost care and concern for his patients. He has been a huge blessing in my life. His bedside manner and compassion for others is exceptional. I will never be able to thank him or his staff enough for all they have done for me. He along with a team of doctors at Memorial Regional saved my life and I can continue living a normal, healthy life & fulfill my life’s purpose of being a Mommy to my 3 beautiful babies 🙂

Jennie Sullivan, 9/2017

I’ve been a patient of Dr Lam since 2011. He has always been professional, knowledgeable, personable and approachable. He spends his time to really listen and grasp patient’s concerns and symptoms which is a rarity in today’s world. Dr. Lam is up to date on new treatments on the field for patients who may not be responding to conventional medications and/or treatments.

Dr. Lam is a very calm and positive physician sometimes even holistic in his approach. He really connects with his patients and makes you feel like family. He empowers healing in his patients through positive reinforcement in his treatment plan. The office staff is very prompt in getting back to you during exacerbations, they are always professional, efficient and pleasant. They always remember you like family.

All in all, Dr. Lam is a fantastic physician!

Jana F., R.N., 1/2018

I was struggling with a severe case of eye irritation/pain, blood shot and increased sensitivity to light in both eyes. I have been to numerous ophthalmologists and medical doctors with no help. I knew I needed to seek other medical consult, because I felt the loss of my sight was eminent. I was advised to seek the help of a Rheumatologist and Dr. Lam was recommended. Dr. Lam discussed the course of treatment that would benefit my medical problem. Needless to say, I was hopeful but skeptical, because no treatment thus far had made any difference. Little did I know that this was the answer to my many prayers.
Dr. Lam and his caring and empathic staff were ready and able to help; I was diagnosed with an autoimmune related eye disease. The line of treatment Dr. Lam chose eased the severe pain in my eyes. Thanks to Dr. Lam for his knowledge and expertise in treating and restoring my vision. The relief I experienced after treatment was immense, I will always remember this experience and will be forever grateful for Dr. Lam’s wonderful ability and experience to think outside the box. I am a satisfied patient, who is honored to recommend Dr. Lam as my Rheumatologist to anyone with similar medical issues or any other medical issues.

Lydia Allen, 9/2017

I have been seeing Dr. Alex Lam since 2010. He has always been very understanding and supportive. I have benefited enormously for the exceptional medical care provided to me since day one. His professional advice is highly commendable and his accurate diagnosis make me feel safe and protected. In his office, the nurses and the administrative staff are as well, very helpful, and everyone goes an extra mile to please the patients with a friendly attitude.

Dr. Lam takes the time to listen to me, and to explain in detail the treatments. With his professionalism and care, it inspires and motivates me to look and fight for a better living state improving my health and many other patients. That is why I strongly recommend his office.

Maria Tatum, 9/2017